Life Coaching is an avenue for connecting with your inner wisdom. A coach will guide you to:

Life Coaching is an avenue for connecting with your inner wisdom to allow for your highest self to unfold. A coach will implement a program to get to the next level of happiness for those who are interested in creating life change. A coach can assist you in a supportive environment. Through understanding your internal motivation and learning a process you will be guided to uncover what is blocking your way.

Coaching for Individuals
• Find more balance in all aspects of your life
• Reduce stress in your life,
• Discover new ways of relating to others.

Coaching for Families
• When your children have anxiety and you need some strategies,
• When you would like to relate more positively with your family, and
• When you would like more balance in your home.

Coaching can take place in the home environment and can be followed up in person, over the phone or internet. Establishing family meetings can be a wonderful way to bring coaching to your family.

The family experience changes when parents begin to find personal expansion. Family Coaching will bring focus to practices that enhance relationships and bring harmony into the home. You will create a vision to integrate into your life.

Coaching for Groups
Group experiences use the energy and connections of a group. Topics for Groups Coaching address different aspects of achieving your possibility in life: Balance and Harmony, Gratitude, Connection to Self, Others and Your Place, Self-love, Happiness, Living In Joy, Focus, Your Ideal Life, Passions, Daily Practice, Freedom and Awareness.

Coaching can take place through seminars, workshops, circles, and group program series’.

Coaching with the Law of Attraction

Kaeli uses the Law of Attraction and the principles of deliberate creation to guide you in achieving your dreams, goals and desires.  She will bring focus to any area of life you want to improve including helping you to live from the inside out.

Your thoughts and feelings play a large role in your life experience. LOA coaching helps you to harness your creative power deliberately.  By becoming more aware of your energetic vibration you can become a powerful agent of change in your life.

Work with Kaeli
I draw on my experience with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and my awareness of Reiki to incorporate energy healing principles to uplift the experiences you receive.

I do this:
• In person, by visiting your home, in my home or by taking a walk together
• Over the phone, because life is busy
• Over Skype, if you feel more comfortable with this type of conversation

Discovery Session     Free
Single Session         $65.00 / hour     These sessions range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
Package of 6 sessions     $375.00
Annual Package         $3000.00         Weekly sessions
CARE Package         $1500.00         These are bi-weekly sessiona and access to e-mail support

* You will receive benefits from a single session and gain clarity to incorporate in your life. I recommend a minimum 6-session commitment to achieve goals that you will identify.


I live in the beautiful city of Ottawa with my family. My life partner and I enjoy our 3 kids and we are living our life of joy everyday.