Our lives flow from one season into the next and as you mark these changes you have time to reflect and learn from your life. When you do this with others you also are able to share yourself, gain from the insights of others and connect with the meaning of life. I have been developing ceremonies and participating in circles for over a decade. I am also a dance teacher and love to bring in this creative aspect.

All of the ceremonies that are created should reflect the feeling and atmosphere that you envision. So, although I have many ideas I like to work with you to find the activities and elements that will be meaningful and fun for you. These might include:
• Wisdom circles – These circles come together to discuss elements of transition in life. By meeting with others you gain support and insights into the changing times in your life.
• Spa treatment – These include pampering your self and can be hosted at a spa or within the home.
• Retreats – Daytime or getaway retreats feature many elements and are a chance to rejuvinate. Many health and wellness components can be included.
• Dancing – It is always a great way to bring some energy into your life or to release some of that old energy that is hanging around.
• Going out for a meal – Marking an occasion can be done simply in a comfortable setting.
• Fun Games and Activities – The sky is the limit.
• Campfires – Singing and chatting by the fire is always a great evening for bonding.

Women’s Rites of Passage

A New Cycle
This ceremony is to honour a young woman as her menstrual cycle begins to introduce her to the beauty of womanhood.

Wedding Blessingways or Showers
These ceremonies are to honour a woman’s own journey as she is about to share her life with someone else.

Birth Showers and Blessingways
These ceremonies are to honour women as they move into motherhood.

Ladies Night
These events are to honour women as they take the time to place importance on their role and rejuvinate themselves.
• Retreats
• Spa night
• Dance Parties
• Wisdom Circles
• Crafting
• Book Clubs
• Nature Outings
• Walks
• Speakers

Family Circles
These are a chance to come together with your family to connect and build upon your relationships.

Dance Parties

Kids dance parties
These parties can include dance classes, crafting, and creating compositions.

Family dance parties
These parties can include a few families getting together to enjoy music and work together on a composition, doing some creative movement or just letting loose.

Women’s dance parties
These parties can be free or more structured. They often have an element of personal reflection or growth, circling elements and free dance.

Prices vary and are based on a rate of $65/hour for preparation and facilitation.

I am a minister of the Universal Life Church and able to officiate legal wedding ceremonies in Quebec and the United States.


I live in the beautiful city of Ottawa with my family. My life partner and I enjoy our 3 kids and we are living our life of joy everyday.