Anne-Sophie Dumetz

Anne-Sophie Dumetz

Anne-Sophie finds that learning and demonstrating kindness is where it all starts. She lives the experience of showing up for her children now and knows that that is changing the way they are going to experience life. She chooses the way she parents today because she wants to impact their lives in a meaningful way, by example. To her, it’s about being the kind of grown up she hopes her children can become someday, and being the change she wants to see in their world.

Anne-Sophie Dumetz is a mother of two children. She is a Mindset, Magical Marketing, and Growth Coach for Emerging Female Changemakers who are ready to build online businesses that grow them, change lots of lives, and grow their impact, income, and influence.

She’s the founder of Game-Changing Parents and of the “She’s a Changemaker Community,” through which she brings together female entrepreneurs who are ready to stop building the wrong dreams and start changing their worlds by building businesses that grow them and change lives.

Her clients rave about her breath-of-fresh-air presence, her real and raw clarity-inducing intuitive insights, mixed with just the right dash of “woo,” and her grounded strategies to help them overcome limiting beliefs and achieve the dreams they’ve had on hold for too long.

Anne-Sophie and her work can be found at: To get a dash of her magic, join her free She’s a Changemaker Community at groups/shesachangemaker and access her Free 5-Day Niched Challenge, to get clear on whose life you’re here to change and who you need to be to become a changemaker.