Parenting Your Way Book

Learn to relate through love so that your children can thrive.
Are you are a parent that struggles with some of the methods you currently use to parent? Do you find yourself acting out of habit?

Do you want to be able to help your child feel successful and happy?
Do you want to share your personal values?

As you parent from your values you can support a successful and happy life for your child.

The messages in this book will support you by bringing new ideas without judgment. You will be exposed to concepts that evoke thought in a way that will give you the opportunity to find what is best for your family.

About Kaeli:

Kaeli is a mother of 3 unique children who have given her a variety of experiences to learn from. She is a life coach focusing on bringing balance into the lives of individuals and their families. She is able to support families by drawing on her expertise as a Child and Youth Counselor.


“This book pulls together themes and knowledge gathered from a lifetime’s worth of my own work plus twenty-seven interviews with parents, parenting coaches, and experts. I have been learning ways to support and care for children since I was a girl; I have used this knowledge as a parent of three to guide my children into teenagehood. I want to share what I know from working as a Child and Youth Worker, a children’s dance teacher, a Life Coach, and a leadership facilitator. I bring together all my knowledge and experience with the expertise, insights, and highlights from a supportive community of conscious parents to provide a strong foundation and support for parents. This book is an exploration of many topics and can be read in any order. You can move through it chronologically or dip into any area that interests you. It is meant to fit into your schedule and grow with you. “

Parenting Your Way Book

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Let’s get started on parenting with enough love.

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Pre-Order Parenting Your Way: From Tough Love to Enough Love

Pre-Order Parenting Your Way: From Tough Love to Enough Love

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