A Simple Way To Parent So Your Children Will Thrive

posted on 2016 04 06 in Parenting Your Way, with 1 comments

When you are thriving your children will thrive.

The atmosphere that you have in your home will let you know if you are really enjoying the life you have with your family. If you can focus on growing yourself as a person you will also grow as a parent.

To make any change or improvement the first step is always awareness. You have to know what you want. What is your idea of what a thriving family is? How would you feel if your family was thriving? Once you can answer these questions it is only a matter of taking small steps to get there.

You might start by changing one simple routine, breaking one habit in the way you speak with your children or sharing one extra smile each day with your family. Find something easy because one thing is for sure you don’t need another struggle.

When my family was out of balance I was becoming frustrated really easily and this did not bring me the relationships that I longed for. The first step that I took was starting to think about what I wanted. For me, this is a fun loving home where we have time to spend together playing and listening to one another.

I set out to become a fun loving person where I play and listen to my family and this has made it possible for everyone to be like this. It has given them an example and permission to follow suit.

Once one change is established you can follow the same process to make other changes in your life. Instead of being stuck where you are, you begin building a new life. It is amazing how quickly the time comes when you can look back and see the difference it makes when you parent in this simple way.

Leave a comment about what you really want for your family. Do you have any ideas for a small step you can take?

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