In Gratitude for the Corona Virus

posted on 2020 06 05 in with 1 comments

As I connect to the part of me where I feel the truth then I connect to my own deep belief that love is the answer. Every moment I am being moved towards a more fulsome life. I am being held on the air and am drifting towards a greater sense of wholeness and richness. I am carried to a place where I will swim in the depths of a loving universe.

corona virusAs I merge this greater sense of love that I am moving towards I contemplate the Corona virus and the role it is playing in this movement. I can imagine that the virus has its part to play in moving us all into love. If I allow this to lead me then I can see an opening towards accepting the present situation including the realities that people are facing in their lives today.

If I can deeply face this pandemic with gratitude then I allow myself a letting go of the fear and I bring closer to myself the possibilities that I long for. Rooting myself in appreciation for the virus can allow me to take any action that I desire towards building the world I want to live in.

If I believe that Corona is allowing me to see ways that I can connect to nature and others more clearly then I can listen and move towards that. If I believe that Corona is allowing me to see what nourishes me then I can make the choice to nourish myself. If I believe that Corona is a gateway then I can experience the freedom of what that means. I can allow the full potential and grace and glory of this pandemic to unfold.

If I am free to let go of the worry that no change will come and that we will not collectively accept our responsibility then I can embrace our ability to transcend old habits and cultivate new and beautiful ways.

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