Reflections on the book Parenting Your Way

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Listening to Ocean Robbins speak about his life and The Food Revolution Network gave me food for thought about parenting for the whole child.

While writing this book I interviewed Ocean and was inspired by how he lives his whole life. Talking to him really gave me the sense that he follows his passions and values in life and allows them to bring energy and fullness into living. By leading life this way he also passes this passion onto his children and inspires them to live a full life as well.

Parenting for the whole child includes caring for their mind, body and spirit. All of these parts of your children are interconnected, which makes parenting for the whole child so valuable. Being conscious about what you eat and the way you eat is connected to all the parts of a person.

A healthy child has love and respect for all the parts of themselves: for their minds and curiosities, for their bodies and capabilities, and for their spirits and inner aspects. By giving attention to all of these parts they can be more fulfilled. Through looking at the different aspects that make for a happy and healthy child you can see how the things you choose in life influence all of the parts of a person. When one of the parts is left out you are not receiving the fullness of yourself.

A child can show their appreciation for their bodies by having a positive mindset, eating healthily, being active, having an appreciation for the inner beings and enjoying their natural abilities. In essence eating healthy affects your mind, body and spirit.

How food affects your mind…
When children can associate what they are putting into their bodies with their own health they can make good food choices. Learning this connection will help them to be mindful about how to care for themselves throughout their lives. This helps their bodies grow and develop so that they feel nourished and have the energy to enjoy different experiences in their lives. When a child eats healthy food they gain a positive energy that not only allows them to physically engage in activities throughout the day, be responsive to learning and alive with curiosity; it also gives them the ability to meet their day with an open frame of mind.

How food affects your body…
If a child develops and practices using their physical bodies, they can enjoy what they are capable of and a feeling of self-sufficiency. With this felt knowledge they have the ability to create wonderful things within themselves. Inner strength and confidence brings them encouragement to take care of their bodies. As they provide themselves with nourishment they will have a healthy body, which will allow them to be active and engage in life in ways that excite them.

How food affects your spirit…
A person feels a natural sense of connection with themselves when they are following what they know is best for them. This includes taking care of their bodies by eating well, being active and physically taking care of themselves. Parents can help their children strengthen this connection by encouraging them to make healthy choices around food.

When a child feels the positive energy they get from eating well it lifts their spirit. This feeling gives them a sense of wanting to bring compassion into the world as well. The love and respect they show themselves by eating well also translates into wanting the best for other people and the natural world around them.

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